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Brian recently travelled to the Maldives. Here is what he thought...
When is the best time to visit Africa?
Kymberly knows a lot about travel to Africa, and in this blog post she shares some travel tips and knowledge...  
Tips for travelling to Africa
Brian from our office has been lucky enough to travel to Africa twice this year and has the following tips for anyone looking at experiencing the continent of Africa.  
Meet the gorillas in Uganda
A once in a lifetime event, meeting the gorillas in Uganda is an incredible experience. Read on to find out all about Kymberly's trip.
Brian's trip to Norfolk Island
Brian travelled to Norfolk Island in June 2016, and had a fantastic time. Read all about his experience here!
A new spot to visit in Japan!
Most people know of places like Kyoto, Tokyo and Hiroshima but there is a place in Japan you may not have heard of, that you should definitely visit...