Meet the gorillas in Uganda

Meet the gorillas in Uganda

04 Jul 2017 Kymberly Rohrsheim Experiences, Travel Stories

No longer is Africa a once visited destination that clients tick off their bucket list, but a vast continent of varying attractions that we are finding people return to again and again to experience more of this amazing land.

Kymberly from our office was lucky to travel to Uganda. Located in East Africa, Uganda is a haven for the endangered Mountain Gorillas. The gorillas can be viewed also in bordering Rwanda but it is believed Uganda has the larger population. An encounter with the endangered Mountain Gorillas (only 800 left in the world) is a wildlife experience like no other and Travel & Cruise Professionals are able to organise this complete with Trek Permit for you. This can be done as a Fly-in Safari or part of a larger Uganda itinerary. 

Gorilla trekking is a year round activity where experienced guides accompany you into the park and allow you to get up close to these wonderful creatures. In Kymberly’s case they came face to face with a family of 12 primates which included one silver back, several infants and one new born which was only six weeks old. It is remarkable how similar these magnificent Mountain Gorillas are to humans, and Kymberly found they didn’t seem to mind at all a visit from eight people! Kymberly describes visiting the gorillas is an unforgettable experience and highly recommends this adventure!

Gorillas are not the only primates you will see in Uganda, and Kymberly was also privileged to visit the chimpanzees in the Kibale Forest and to see them again at the Ngamba Island sanctuary, as a half day tour out of Entebbe. Uganda is home to a range of rare and unusual species, has huge populations of hippopotamus and over 200 bird species. 

Whilst Kymberly was in Uganda she had the opportunity to stay in Queen Elizabeth National Park where game viewing is done by boat as well as by 4x4 land rovers. Kymberly also saw leopards, tree climbing lions, zebras, hyenas, many species of antelopes, water buffalo and warthogs along with a vast number of birds, she also stayed at Lake Mburo National Park.

Uganda is at times a lush green country with many farming areas growing vegetables, tea and coffee. The country is dotted with crater lakes, many rivers and their capital sits on the majestic Lake Victoria which is a huge body of water separating several countries and the source of the Nile. Uganda has mountain ranges and waterfalls and also allows for a cultural experience as you pass through many local villages and have the opportunity to interact with the Ugandan people.

Although Uganda doesn’t have the 5-star luxury accommodation that some of her neighbouring countries provide, the lodges and guest houses Kymberly stayed in were very comfortable and had most facilities. Many of the properties had great charm, were very cosy and the staff were extremely helpful.

If you are looking to travel to Africa and in particular to trek the Gorillas come and talk to Kymberly about her unique experiences.


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